Wednesday, December 14, 2011

End of First Semester of Graduate School

So today marks the day that I'm finally done with my first semester of Graduate School, and it has been the busiest that I've ever been. I still have some homework to turn in, but classes are over and today we presented our last prototypes.

I'm really proud of what we accomplished, and I think that this was the best game that i was a part of the whole semester.

Everyone really liked what we did and, as usual, everyone was really impressed on what Dan was able to achieve mostly on his own (I mean in terms of coding).

There are a few things that I wish we couldn't had more time to work on the project, but we still did a very good job.

This will be the last entry for this semester, and i can't wait for the start of the next semester where we will have a chance to pitch a game idea and have 2 games picked for the class to work on over the course of the next 2 semester. I already have an idea which is similar to the game I pitched last year in my undergrad capstone class, but I've made some improvements this time around which I hope will be enough to make it interesting for people to want to vote for it.

We are all suppose to submit a game design document this weekend, so I will see if I can post something over winter break. That is all for the foreseeable future, thanks for reading.

Prototype 4 Done

So I'm done with everything that I need to do for Prototype 4, and I'm glad that its finally done. I had a ton of 3D assets for this project, and I think that they turned out.

It was a little challenging because I had to model a bunch of different object that I had done before. One thing twas that I had to make a whole level in a 3D model as well as a boat, a fish, and a bunch of other stuff. Here is a render of the final scene that I put together using a bunch of the assets that I made for the intro screen.

I think it came out decent at the end. I will try to make one more post after the presentation tomorrow. That's it for now, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost Done

So over the weekend, I got my act together and I managed to complete all of the art necessary for our fishing game.

They may not look that complicated, but it took me a while to do all the art myself, its actually one of the things that I actually don't like about the program. In the teams that we are placed, its always one producer, two engineers, and one artist. I shouldn't complain since Sterling has made a lot of the art for the HUD, but I just don't like it because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to get everything done by this next thursday.

Now the only thing that I have to do by tomorrow night is putting together a little scene in maya off all the assets I created and then getting a little render for the title screen. Then if I'm lucky, I may animate the scene so that it moves. But Dan said that he was going to look into it a little and see if it would work since he also wants to add some special lighting to make it look like time is progressing in the title screen.

Hopefully I will finish everything on time, so that I can finally get some decent sleep. That's all for now, thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fish Model Done

I'm not sure how the code for our game is coming along, but I'm now done modeling a fish for our game.

I also laid out the UVs for the model this morning with the help of Jorge.I'm now in the process of texturing the model.

I've also been working on a fishing rod, and I think it looks decent so far. I still need to work on it a couple hours more.

After I'm done with the fishing rod, I will focus on getting some animations for the fish since it can be time consuming.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.